Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Name

In 1989 the name Taylor was still commonly known as a boy's name. While I'm sure there were a few girls by the name, it wasn't particularly common. My mom was drawn to the name for that very reason. There was something intriguing to her about naming her daughter a name most sought for their sons. An intrigue that never waned because my younger three sisters are known by their nicknames Charli, Georgi and Gianni (pronounced Johnny).

An attempt at breaking societal norms wasn't her only draw to the name, one of her closest grandmothers had the maiden name of Taylor. Being the first born grandchild, my mother gave her the nickname Memaw and they were instantly close. Growing up as a child, my mother sat at the heels of her grandmother, listening to the stories she told. Her grandma taught her how to crochet, sew and helped her with cooking. When her grandma grew ill and died when my mom was fifteen, my mom was distraught. When the chance arose for my mother to honor her grandma by naming one of her daughters after her, she jumped at the opportunity. By naming me Taylor, my mom feels she still has a piece of her grandmother with her. I feel honored to be carrying the name of a woman she so dearly loved.